Saturday, 28 March 2015

....last day of Navaratri....

Today was the last puja to the Divine Mother, where we requested her 
for the protection, peace and prosperity.

Arati Thali!

Afterwards the prasad (food) was served to the nine girls
(and some boys that thought they are invisible)


And as a celebration of birthday of Lord Rama, we had the reciting of the story of his most devoted bhakta Sri Hanuman - Sundar Kanda

 Pandit Yogesh Puri and Pandit Jayadev Vyas
reading Sundar Kanda

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Happy New 2072!

It is beautiful to live in India.

Every few months you can celebrate a New Year!

And today on 21.3.2015, on the first day of spring, 2072nd year of Vikram Samvat started!

Happy New Year!

New Year begins with 9 nights devoted to the Divine Mother Durga, and is called Navaratri.

More on Navaratri please see our dear Wikipedia.